EMIN : We’re making Apricot’s last test, it’s almost ready. After launching, at first it will seem as if nothing has happened, but a brand new and important breakthrough will be added under the system, we will add the concept of time to DAG. After that, innovations will come in the areas of fast bootstrap and transaction fees.

EMIN : ETH Bridge is a bit late but we expect it to be out in the next two weeks. It was delayed because another company wrote the code. After that, it will be possible for the values ​​in ETH to flow to the Avalanche C-Chain.

Question : I wonder if there is a partnership with football clubs in a period when fan tokens are in high demand? Can we provide support to the avalabs team in communicating with a web wallet or Turkish clubs? It would be better if you could say that we have a real goal in this regard for now?

EMIN : Yes, this is a subject that I love very much too. We talk to well-known teams as well as companies that specialize in NFT.

Question : About Athereum is there any improvement in the way of distribution and to whom?

Emin : We are currently focused on the ecosystem on C-Chain. Partly, the ETH community relied on ETH2 far above the technical specifications of ETH2, so we thought it would take some time to give it. I think Athereum will be better accepted when ETH starts to actively turn to other solutions.

Question: Question about Validator min stake => too high

Emin : Yes! It is very high, Reducing, it’s something I want so much. After Apricot, governance will start working, I think this should be the first decision we will take.

Question : Where do you see blockchain technology in 10 years?

Emin : Everywhere. Everything that has value has to be on the blockchain. All other projects are in the money. Yet money is only the first value. Apart from that, there are hundreds of thousands of valuable financial instruments, all of which must be out of the blockchain and can be traded worldwide.

Question : Question about people met in Turkey. => Speculation with Turkish Central Bank

Emin : I did not meet our President Tayyip Erdogan. It is not right to say anything other than that.

Question : Other than avax 😀 are there any other projects you like?

Emin : So much, there are many good DeFi projects, Uniswap etc. to be in the first place. In fact, the reason why DEFI is not so popular is that the transaction fees are very high. As AVAX dissolves them and DeFi moves over AVAX, I would love to see you there using these new instruments.

Question : Will there be a central bank in the future using the Avalanche network?

Emin : Considering that in the future, there will be no central banks that do not use blockchains, and most of the blockchains will move to Avalanche …

Question : Another question about reducing 2000 AVAX to be validator …

Emin : Not something I can do on my own! Go out with Governance Apricot, it’s a decision we will make together. This is a parameter that I would like it to drop.

Question : Are there any projects waiting for the Eth bridge, teacher?

Emin : Numerous. Take Pangolin.

Question : Are there any projects or partnerships that remain until 2022, but have already started their work even at the idea stage? So 2021 will be very busy, but can we say that pipeline is full for 2 years from now?

Emin : Now I have two answers actually. So far, you have only seen the breakthrough we made in the platform area. While everyone else keeps talking, taking the old protocols and putting on a little makeover, it is obvious how we have set up a fast system. We have lots of breakthroughs like this, in every stage of the blockchain space. There is material that will keep me busy for at least 5–10 years. The field is very new, other groups are doing a lot of talking and doing a lot of work, we have a lot of material.
On the other hand, what I do is not very important. The platform is open, it is possible for everyone to develop suitable solutions on it. This is what excites me the most — I expect young energetic groups to make their breakthroughs in the blockchain space, and hope they will make them on the most beautiful infrastructure, Avalanche.

Question : Our number of validators is going very well. Did you predict it would be this fast?

Emin : To be honest, my expectation was around 100. While I was reading these topics, I wouldn’t believe it if someone came and said “in the future someone will invent a new protocol and buy 500–1000 nodes in it”. I am very proud of this work that we have done together, we have introduced the world what decentralization is and how it can be. We have clearly demonstrated that the statement “Blockchains need to be central to be fast” is wrong.

Question : Will Blockchain ID become mandatory due to institutional investors and / or countries’ regulation in the future?

Emin : Identity is very interesting. There is not a usable solution yet, there are interesting projects that I and other friends want to do on this subject. I am sure that we will be at a completely different point in 3–4 years, and everyone in this group will have a blockchain id in their hands.

Question : Is it okay if we move synthetic USDC assets to Avalanche after ETH Bridge arrives?

Emin : It would be perfect. Bridge is coming, I’m sure stablecoins will be the first values shifting to AVAX.

Question : Will the tps number of the c-chain be relatively limited create a bottleneck with the migration of defi applications to the avalanche network in the future? What developments await us in the development of C-chain?

Emin : :-) Yes, since we bought some of C-Chain’s infrastructure from Ethereum, there are bottlenecks there, even though it is 10–100x fast. There are many technical errors in EVM. It is possible to reach much bigger dimensions if a group that knows their job takes a hand in this. I shouldn’t say anything more.